Econo Textual Objects is a tiny press I started back in 2014 as a way for me to share my work and craft an intimate readership with friends and family. That process was so much fun and so gratifying for me as I was able to reconnect with an arts practice and heal during a weird time when my personal inner resources were being siphoned by the NPIC. These are first/second edition runs (100 to 200 copies) of poetry and prose works by queer and trans writers of color. Some are still available in a handful of Los Angeles area bookstores as well as online in our ETO/Etsy shop. Keep checking back for future titles to be sold via this website.

Works include:

Desgraciado by Angel Dominguez (2nd edition still available)
CRUSHES by Paul Pescador
Pink Trumpet and the Purple Prose by Nikki Darling
Crunchy Eggs by Félix Solano Vargas
A Y O T Z I N A P A, an anthology (no longer available, a project meant to raise funds for the Normalistas School in Igualá, Guerrero, Mexico)
Running In Place by Raquel Gutiérrez
#WhiteBoo by Raquel Gutiérrez
Breaking Up With Los Angeles by Raquel Gutiérrez